Engage your constituency with CiviCRM

CiviCRM is a CRM (client relationship management) module for Drupal. As a Drupal module it's huge (more code that Drupal core) and demanding (memory, processor), and it looks funny. Well, that's because it's not really a Drupal module, it just exposes itself to Drupal using some of Drupal's clever glue ("hooks"). In fact, CiviCRM has its own goals, development team, mysql database and philosophy that's quite different from Drupal. It even works with another CMS (Joomla/Mambo).

I suspect that all full-fledged CRMs are bloated and monstrous (SugarCRM's the only other one I've tried) so I've gotten over that part and have learned to live with difference. I also enjoy the fact that CiviCRM has paid coders cranking through new versions, while it's still a true open source project.

But aside from the developer aesthetics, CiviCRM does what no other drupal module does, which is to provide a collection of ready-to-use tools designed to engage a constituency via your website.

This session will have a brief introduction to CiviCRM for those new to it, followed by Q&A, stories, etc. My goal is to revive a CiviCRM community in Canada.