Making Your Site a Beautiful and Unique Snowflake- An Introduction to Corporate Branding and Advanced Drupal Theming

A website is only as good as the design of the information that goes into it. Having interesting and compelling content becomes worthless if it is not designed in an equally interesting and compelling manner. Why is this important? Anyone who has spent any amount of time working with Drupal, can spot a Drupal site from a mile away. For many, using stock themes is a viable solution. However, corporate websites, community activists, and many others need to go that extra mile to make their websites stand out.

This session is geared towards learning the importance of a unique web presence, and how to make a Drupal site look "not so Drupalish." A portion of the session will be lecture/ discussion, followed by a hands on workshop developing a unique theme.


saturday instead?

would it be possible to reschedule this session to saturday, as I would really like to attend this session, but I can't make it for friday.


It seems that there are a

It seems that there are a bunch of people who want this session moved to Saturday. I don't particularly mind this idea. The trip up here (I'm in my hotel room at the moment) took a lot out of me, and I could use a good night's sleep. I know it may be too late to reschedule, but I'd hate to have someone miss out on a talk they really wanted to hear.

Another possibility, is that there is, at the moment, an open time slot on Saturday at 3 that I can use to give the talk again, if need be.


Isn't this a barcamp?

Thanks for the reply Mike.

I've been thinking: Since this is a Barcamp-style event, shouldn't the schedule reflect what the participants want it to be like? I may be wrong, but I always thought that's how barcamps worked—the schedule can be reworked to best accommodate what the participants want. Of course, it might not be possible to satisfy everyone's ideal , but it should be able to satisfy the majority of the people I would think.

too bad this is on Friday

too bad this is on Friday and I have a day long meeting at work.

Is there going to be any slides, notes, reference material available online afterwards?

too bad indeed

I can't make it on friday either. And I was looking forward to this session too :(

I'll see what I can do

I'll do my best to publish my slides and notes.