CMS Ecumenism or "How Drupal Plays Well With Others"

Ecumenism means:

In its broadest meaning, ecumenism refers to initiatives aimed at worldwide religious unity. It is understood in this sense in the vision that advocates a greater shared spirituality across Christian, Jewish and Islamic faiths as part of its core beliefs.

In this session, I'd like to share experiences of combining the strengths of Drupal with other CMS's. In my experience, the design of Drupal's code means that it plays surprisingly well with others.

Three general strategies are:

  1. Using drupal hooks to integrate other functionality
  2. Using drupal's simple database design to import data from other applications into drupal
  3. Using the themeing layer of Drupal to integrate drupal's functionality into another CMS's presentation control

Examples include:

You can see lots of other examples of version 1. above on the drupal site
third-party integration modules page.