Debugging Techniques Swap Meet

We all love Drupal, but when things go wrong, it can be hard to diagnose and fix the problem. This session will go through ways to debug Drupal modules, themes, javascript, whatever. This will include:

  1. Numerous ways to log messages
  2. The devel module
  3. The Zend debugger
  4. Your pet debugging trick

Participants are encouraged to share and discuss any techniques they've found useful.

Update: The session went great, and I posted the notes to my blog:


forgot to share this at the session

My favourite debug statment:

drupal_set_message(print_r($obj, true));


Sounds interesting

Add firebug to that list too.

My module (webfm) even has a debug fieldset that users can enable to dump out javascript debug info. The module has a dump func to recursively traverse javascript objects.

I can participate

This is a great session to have, and I have some ideas to share on this.

For those who are not on the Apple/Mac Kool-aid, there is a lot to say: xdebug, vim, Quanta, Komodo, ...etc.

Windows debugging

That's a good point. I'm a Macaholic, so to the extent that any of these techniques are platform-partisan, I'm much more familiar with the tools available for Mac. I'll be depending on other participants to expound upon most of the Windows-only stuff, though I will cover some IE web developer tools.
Dan Kurtz

IE debugging

One of the IE debugging tools I discovered a couple days ago was called IE WebDeveloper from IEInspector, which is pretty much an IE version of Firebug. It's not free, but there is a 15-day free trial (which should be able to get you through at least one project I'd think).

Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

The Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar is a free tool that might fit your debugging needs: