We've had a few requests from out-of-towners about places to stay. We don't have anything specific in mind here, but some of the organizers did suggest that the area around Dundas and Church/Sherbourne has some "value-priced kind mainstream hotels".

It would be helpful, however, if anybody that has experience with accommodations in Toronto (preferably downtown) could post comments here on details so that others could take advantage of the information.



I live in the Mount Pleasant Eglinton area. I could put up one (or even two people) who aren't *too* picky, if they don't have lots of ca$h for motels. I even have parking.

416 488 3149 or 659 6363.

Comfort Inn East

I'm driving in from Montreal, and didn't feel like paying extra to park at the hotels downtown, so I got a room at the Comfort Inn in Scarborough. I will then take the metro in each morning to avoid parking problems. The room is around $71 per night and offers free internet and breakfast.

Details for the hotel can be found here:

Ryerson unviersities hotel

Ryerson unviersities hotel management program runs a hotel right at younge/dundas... its very cheap (like 50 bucks a night)... so if you want somewhere cheap/close that might be your best bet...

- Mat