Drupal+Formulize - RAD from one platform to another

Formulize 2.3 RC1 has been released, including full documentation on integration with Drupal!

Formulize is an open source, rapid application development toolkit that can now be integrated into Drupal websites. Formulize is developed by Freeform Solutions, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping other not-for-profits effectively use technology.

Formulize uses CMS-like features to model the business logic of an application, so next to no programming is required. It is well suited to form-driven web applications with:

  • complex interactions among users
  • complex relationships among the data being managed
  • mathematical, statistical or summary reporting requirements

Formulize is built on the XOOPS platform, but it is now possible to integrate Formulize applications with a Drupal website, at a rudimentary level — not all features are yet supported. I will demonstrate this technique and give an overview of some Formulize features and make a case for when and why you would want to use it in a Drupal website. I will also explain the architecture issues involved in integrating Drupal with the XOOPS platform and with Formulize in particular.

This session should be relevant to consultants and developers who are interested in:

  • a database-centric model for rapid application development
  • how other platforms can work with Drupal
  • how application development can be done primarily through a standardized, CMS-like interface for data management


Drupal and Formulize integration code and docs available

Just a comment to bump this up and let people know that Formulize 2.3. RC1 has been released, which includes documentation on integrating Drupal and Formulize. We look forward to seeing where people go with this.