Updates for Day One

I hope everyone's enjoyed their morning. Here are the important announcements from this morning. Be sure to check back often and read the comments, as I'm sure that people will post things I forgot. Here goes:

  1. The schedule for the first day has been pushed back half an hour. We got a bit of a late start. If the schedule says something starts at 11:30, it really starts at noon.
  2. Our rooms are 1130 (big auditorium at the front of the building), 2130 (just up the front stairs and straight ahead, behind the registration table), 1240 (waaaay in the back of the building: follow the corridor back until it turns left, and then make a right into the smaller corridor before you reach the cafe area), and B026 (go down the stairs at the front of the building, and take a left at the fork in the hallway).
  3. There's not a whole lot scheduled for room 2139. It's intended as more of a hangout space and headquarters, so feel free to chill there. Of course, you can also hang out in the lobby areas.
  4. We don't have printouts of the schedule. Check the online version or look at the chalkboard in room 2139.
  5. If you didn't get a t-shirt, you can get one at the registration table. Remember, suggested donation is $20 -- it helps us pay for food, shirts and sundries.
  6. Lunch today will happen at 1pm. It will be served in the same place as the coffee: the tables on the second floor, near the staircase.
  7. We'll be reconvening quickly after lunch to cover some of the stuff we forgot to cover in the kickoff session. Some of that stuff is covered in this very post.
  8. No food or drinks except water allowed in the classroom.
  9. We've only got the rooms until 6pm on both days, and other groups are using the rooms immediately after. Take a moment to make sure the rooms are clean before you leave -- we really appreciate it, and it'll help us stay in the good graces of campus for future conferences.
  10. There's a reception at 6pm! Free food 'n drink! It's at the Center for Social Innovation at 215 Spadina Avenue, 4th floor. Thanks in advance, CSI!
  11. On that note, check out the sponsors page to find out more about the organizations that make this event cheap-but-awesome. Many of them are excellent resources for Drupal knowledge.
  12. Use empty rooms for breakout sessions, or just to continue interesting conversations you happen upon over the course of the conference. The chalkboards in 2139 are being used for this as well.
  13. If you take notes or pictures or create some other sort of DrupalCamp-related data, post it online! You can post it here, or on your own site. Tag it DrupalCampToronto so that other people can find it.
  14. People you can look for if you have questions: Dan Kurtz, James Walker, Jane Zhang, Phillip Smith, Alan Dixon or Colan Schwartz.
  15. Join the Toronto Drupal Group to keep up after the conference is over.