Why choosing an open source CMS is like dating - a guide for mature nonprofit organizations

There are basically two approaches to finding the perfect relationship. In the first approach, we create a picture of the ideal person we want to be with, and then set about finding that person. In the second, we dismiss the premise that there's such a thing as the "perfect mate" and look for a person who shares important values with us, and with whom we can begin a conversation about working on a relationship.

In this session, we'll discuss how these approaches map onto the selection of the "ideal content management system" for mature nonprofit organizations. In one scenario (that currently dominates the discourse in the so-called "third sector") organizations are encouraged to spend a lot of time thinking about their needs and goals, and then proceed to find a content management system that matches the needs/goals profile they've created. In another, organizations realize that stabilizing their goals with little or no knowledge of what a content management system like Drupal could do for them may not be helpful. Instead, they need to "get out there and meet people" - to have an encounter with a CMS (and the community that supports it) that's just deep enough to figure out not only whether that particular CMS is right, but also more importantly what the whole CMS "scene" is all about.

Since I'm not sure if there'll be a projector, here's a link to the slides I'm planning to use.


great title

i love this session's title :)

Looking forward to this workshop

I'm involved with a mature non-profit that is reaching a crossroad in its CMS strategy. This workshop will be of great use.


Similar to John, we're at the same point with a mature non profit and would love to learn about how Drupal can help.

We're very excited about this conference, everyone drive safely :)