Using the CCK, Views and Panels as site construction toolkit

This session covers the trio of CCK, Views and Panels as a toolkit for site builders, virtually eliminating the need for custom modules for content type and display.

Note: this is a combo session on the same subject held in Toronto DUG in March and April. The presentation part, and the hands on part.

There may be interest in it from those who did not attend.


Here are the slides for the

Will this session still be

Will this session still be useful to those who haven't been to either of the user group sessions on it?

Presenting on implementing views?

Are you also going to present on how to how to implement a view into an existing module? I was thinking of covering that but if you're going to present on that as well, then I'll step down ^_^



No, I am not planning on that being part of the presentation.

However, you are welcome to prepare a few slides on that, and then you can step up and do that part during the presentation.

It would be great!

Sounds like a great idea!

That sounds like a great idea actually. I'll try and prep up some slides (I'll send them to you once I create them and you can let me know if it sounds good to you) :D

Looks like I'll be setting up a separate session for this

Based on the number of available slots and the number of proposed sessions, we're all being given a chance to present. So I'll hold a separate session for developers to integrate their views.

Super Excited

I missed out on both of the Toronto group meetups regarding this topic and would love to see it at DrupalCamp.


In addition to covering these three, will you also be getting into theming using CCK?

We touch on theming

The presentation and hands on demo have some theming as well. Namely how to theme a view, a CCK node (via contemplate as well as .tpl.php), and write a custom panel.

CCK, Views and Panels - Unleashing Drupal

This trio appears to offer a very powerful set of abilities for Drupal. Looking forward to future developments