Performance tuning and optimization of high traffic Drupal sites

You have a Drupal site, and it is successful. Perhaps too successful. First your shared hosting sends you notice that you are "exceeding resources". Then you go up a notch to a VPS. Then your site gets on Digg, and it dies.

Now what?

Is it time to find another host? Move up to dedicated hosting?

Perhaps just tuning and optimization is necessary.

Based on first hand experience with several sites, this session will discuss how to squeeze the most performance from your site, what tools and techniques to use to diagnose bottlenecks, monitor performance, and ensure a smooth running site that can withstand traffic surges.

Some info in this session is applicable to non-Drupal sites that run on Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP sites.

Some pre-session reading can be found 2bits -- Drupal performance tuning and optimization for large web sites.


Presentation slides

too bad this is on Friday

too bad this is on Friday and I have a day long meeting at work.

Is there going to be any slides, notes, reference material available online afterwards?


Yes, they should be posted eventually on