The much anticipated CRM API

This session will introduce the CRM API that Trellon is working on. It is basically a single layer for creating and accessing data on various CRM backends using a unified interface, in such a way that the unique features of the different CRMs are still available. I'll be covering: what it does, what problems it's supposed to solve, and where it's at right now. Most importantly, we'll be discussing what the API should do -- what kinds of situations would you use it in?, etc.

Update: There's a CRM API project page on


Notes I took in the session

Someone (I think it was adixon) raised the issue that CiviCRM APIs aren't as lightweight as they could be. If this CRM API for Drupal "takes off", then someone could write lighter weight APIs that aren't as resource intensive as the current ones. One of the main things would be that the current CiviCRM APIs load Smarty (theme templating) but these as-yet-unwritten APIs wouldn't have to.

The CRMAPI Roadmap includes building something that would log content creation in the Drupal system into the various CRMs. This is an interesting idea that came up during the morning session on CiviCRM. Currently, CiviCRM has a very feature-complete way of tracking the history of relationship events (interactions) that are relevant. However, what it's missing is a way of logging the creation of content on a Drupal site. Since this event is quite meaningful (because it represents a fairly high level of engagement with the community or organization that the CRM system is managing) it should ideally be tracked in the CRM system.

If there's enough interest...

...I can certainly whip something up for this.
Dan Kurtz

It's all you man!

It says my name as the presenter...?

Dan, can I count on you to have some material for this session? So that I'm not sitting there feeling stupid because I suggested this topic but I have little to no information on it...

You're off the hook

I've changed this session to list me as the presenter, thus freeing you from the obligating of giving a talk on a subject you have no easy way to research. :)

I'll have something prepared on what we have, but I'll also be seeking input from the group as to what the API should include.

Dan Kurtz