i18n - Fitting Drupal into a bi/multi-lingual organization

Setting up multi-lingual objects in Drupal has gotten way easier since 4.6 and there is a great deal to look forward to in Drupal 6. I will be focusing on what is easy to do in Drupal 5 given the existing tools and also provide some overviews of what is difficult or impossible in the current framework. Focus will be on the i18n module, but we hope to provide some coverage of BIDI (left to right and right to left) sites and approaches to using templates. Some of the challenges we'd want to look at would include handling modules like organic groups or events for which you would have some fixed objects which should be the same for all languages.

Would want to have a couple of people from different organizations speak on their experience with different approaches to setting up multi-lingual content (there are some experienced folks already signed up).

I've added some notes from this session.


Notes or slides?

I was really looking forward to attending this but an ill-timed case of stomach flu prevented me from getting to any of DrupalCamp (argh!). If you happened to have any notes/slides from the presentation, is there any chance of putting them online?

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