For developers: Implementing Views into your custom module

As the title suggests, this session would run through the implementation of views so given fields/arguments from a developer's custom module would be available to include in a view. This would be useful for developers of a module that is:

  • Attempting to be lightweight for a given view by not using CCK
  • Pre-CCK (used the module for a long time and porting the content over as cck may not be the right choice)
  • Not necessarily a content type but collects other types of information for content (importance of content as set by a cron task, rating, etc)
  • Perhaps extend the core set of views provided in the views package (filter the content alphabetically)?

The plan would be to run through a given module and either:
a) Explain the view and how it connects (what is required).
b) Implement a view from scratch (which would also provide an explanation of (a))


Integrated session

This portion of the session will be integrated with the session planned by Khalid (time to whip up some slides!)

Now a separate session

From talking with the event organizers, this will be a separate session now.

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Should this node be published?

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I have no idea... :(